Excellos 360: Improving cell therapies to drive clinical trial success

Time: 1:30 pm
day: Day One


  • Cell therapy variability has a significant impact on clinical trial outcomes. Part of this variability is due to inconsistent or poorly understood donor starting material.
  • Excellos has developed a deep cell characterization platform that identifies high quality donor starting material with greater potency.
  • The Excellos 360 platform has also been utilized as part of our internal QbD applications for the evaluation of cell processing systems. The Excellos 360 platform can identify differences that various processing systems have on cell functionality and yield. This allows users to select starting material that is optimized to their specific manufacturing system, and to better optimize transduction efficiencies. The Excellos 360 platform assures more consistent product manufacturing with greater potency. This improves clinical success for the clients we serve.